GnuPG needs your support to help protect online privacy

Activists, journalists, lawyers, and many others rely on GnuPG to protect their communication. And, nearly all free software-based operating systems (which are used by more than two-thirds of the servers running the Internet) rely on GnuPG to verify the integrity of system updates.

GnuPG development is mainly financed by donations. Aside of the large donors Linux Foundation, Stripe, Facebook, and First Look Media, we received a lot of individual donations. Our fundraising campaign in 2017 also raised about 5000 Euro in monthly recurring donations.

Many thanks to all supporters

If you are using GnuPGLibgcryptGPGME, or Gpg4win and would like to help with development and maintenance please consider to make a donation.

Ways to donate

We accept donations via credit card, Paypal, and SEPA transactions. Donating Bitcoins is also possible. Note that the donations are collected and spent by g10 Code GmbH, which can’t issue charitable donation certificates.

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Recent donors

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Donations received in 2017 :  44927 €